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Easter Vigil in the Holy Night of Easter

April 20, 2019

Fr. Joseph Jacobi

No one witnessed the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead, the actual moment when he rose from the tomb. No one saw the Resurrection, when Jesus broke the prison bars of death, because it happened in the dark of night.

The Resurrection did not take place on Easter Sunday morning— Jesus was already risen by then. For on that Sunday the first followers of Jesus only saw an empty tomb. They only encountered burial cloths where his body used to be. The women did not come to the tomb and see Jesus rise up from death.

The Resurrection was a mighty deed of God the Father in the power of the Spirit done in the deep darkness of night. On this most holy of nights, a new kind of light shone in the darkness, and the darkness will never ever overcome it.

In the complete darkness before the creation of the world, God spoke, “Let there be light” and there was light, so on this holy night, God speaks his word to his Son: “Beloved Son, Arise” and the darkness of death flees forever. And God recreates the world here and now!

When the Israelites were trapped between the Red Sea and the Egyptian army, and had no way forward, in the darkness of the night the Spirit of God blew over the waters, making a path forward from certain death to new live. So that same Spirit breathes over the waters of baptism today, opening a path forward for our elect from the death of sin to new life in God.

In the darkness of this night, the Risen Lord rises up in His Church as a light which can never be snuffed out. He Rises up in us, His People! Note the concern of the women who come to anoint the dead body of Jesus at the tomb. They are concerned with the location of his body and disturbed by the fact that his dead body is not where it should be— in the tomb. But they are looking in the place of death for one now freed forever of death, who is rightly called, THE LIVING ONE!

Where is His Body? The living one lives in us by means of baptism and eucharist. We are his body. If you are looking for proof of Christ risen, look no further.

Where is His Body? The living one will rise up in those to be baptized this night, as they die with him in the waters of baptism and rise with him to newness of life. They will forever carry about in their bodies the life of the Risen Lord.

Where is His Body? Where is the Living One? Hidden in blessed bread and blessed wine. Come without paying and without cost to receive a priceless treasure.

And that life will be nourished and strengthened over and over again in the Eucharist. Where is His Body? The living one makes of our bodies a tabernacle, his very own dwelling, by the gift of His body and blood. We hold this treasure in earthen vessels….

All the force and power of the resurrection is made present here, in this place, in these holy sacraments, in the life of God’s holy people. Where is his Body? We are the Body of Christ. We bear a treasure beyond price in these earthen vessels. Whoever believes in Christ, lives their life with Christ and in Christ and through Christ. This happens every day, in joy and sadness, in light and night.

The proof of the Resurrection comes from our witness to the Risen Jesus, from our lives poured out in sacrificial love of others. We are sent by Him, rising up in us, to renew the face of the earth.

By sharing the light of Christ, we glow ever more brightly with His love.