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Homily for Pentecost

May 31, 2020

Fr. Joseph Jacobi

“To each individual the manifestation of the Spirit is given for some benefit.” What is true for the Corinthians is true for the members of this faith community at Holy Spirit Parish.

The Spirit of the Living God has been given to each one of us for some benefit. Not to benefit ourselves, but to benefit others. The Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit are given to build up the Church and for the salvation of the world.

The Spirit of power has helped us to raise up for God’s glory a holy place Each gift important, every gift needed.

The same Spirit has worked in the lives of those who have used their talents for designing a building, and others for raising funds for project.

The gifts of the Spirit are evident in those who have led and organized and hosted such a huge annual event as Oktoberfest.

Then there are those who are impelled by the Spirit to be generous with their material treasure, to provide funds needed.

Old and young are moved by the Spirit to share their gifts to benefit others. Those who are advanced in years, and even homebound, share their time and their prayers for the benefit of others.

Those who are young have by their joyful energy drawn forth from churchgoers around $175,000 in donations for our new church through the Children’s Collection.

Those who speak English and Spanish and Vietnamese, each gifted in their own way to be a living stone in the Church, to build up the body of Christ.

The founders of our parish have been gifted by the Spirit to be the solid foundation upon which the life of our parish and this new building have been built. Newcomers, enlivened by the Spirit, have brought energy and new ideas to make parish life even more vibrant.

Together, all of us, strengthened by the Spirit to share our gifts for the benefit of others, have raised up with the Spirit’s help a place of awesome beauty.

The way the Holy Spirit works is by moving even those not of our parish to help us bring this project to fruition. Immaculate Conception Parish donated the tabernacle and tabernacle lamp holder and Stations of the Cross. The Cathedral parish gifted us with the ambo, altar, altar of repose and presider’s chair. Donors from outside our parish have given around $800,000 to help us build our new church.

This is the way the ever creative, always active Spirit of God works. Stirring all people of all places to share their gifts for the benefit of others.

Pentecost was not just one day, not the only day the Spirit came upon the Church. Read the rest of the Acts of the Apostles, and you will find that the Spirit continued to be poured out upon those first believers. The same is true for us some 2000 years later. We continually need the Spirit to be poured into our lives. So that we can continue the work of the Risen Jesus in drawing all people to our heavenly Father. Like this new church is a work in progress, so is the living body of the Church, always needing the help of the Spirit.

By the help of the Spirit, we can bring healing and peace to those whose lives are broken.

We can welcome strangers with joy!

We can allow the living water of the Spirit to flow through us to others who are thirsting for God, and feed those hungering for the Bread of Life.

So we pray, and every day, COME HOLY SPIRIT!