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The vocation of the sacristan is to perform the unseen tasks that make the liturgical celebration a joyful prayer of thanksgiving and praise.  Vessels are cleaned and placed in their respective places. Altar and credence table are clothed and properly adorned.  Linens and vestments are dry cleaned or washed and made ready.  Wax is removed from all places where it has spilled.  The assembly and choir areas are cleaned and made presentable.  These and other tasks are performed by those volunteering as sacristan.

In addition to the work of cleaning and preparing the vessels, linens and vestments and the altar and credence table, sacristans attend to the following tasks:

  • The Sanctuary Lamp is kept burning.
  • Worship aids are in the proper places.
  • Blessed water is in the baptismal font.
  • Heat and A/C is on and properly set in sufficient time before a scheduled service.
  • Votive candles are in place and replenished, as needed.

There are sacristans who do all of the above.  In addition, there is to be a sacristan assigned to each of the weekend and holyday masses to assure all is ready for a given mass.  Only God sees all the sacristan does and will reward him/her who offers their unseen service to the honor and glory of God.

Training is provided to all who serve as sacristans.

Contact the Parish Office for more information on how to volunteer for this ministry (376-9435).