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Usher – Liturgical Ministry Schedule

The first person to greet one coming to church to praise the Lord is often the usher.  How important the smile and friendly greeting given with genuine sincerity to those entering the church for the celebration of Mass.

The responsibilities of the usher include the following:

  • Greeting individuals
  • Assistance at the entrance door
    –  Providing directions
    –  Fielding questions
  • Checking to be certain all is ready for the service
  • Adjustment of heat or air before, during, and after the service
  • Seating the people as they arrive
  • Attention to the needs of the disabled
  • Selection of a family or persons to bring up the gifts
  • Providing the presider with an accurate count of those in attendance so he may consecrate an adequate quantity of bread
  • Taking the offering
  • Providing assistance to anyone who experiences illness during the service
  • Helping facilitate the reception of Communion
  • Passing out bulletins after mass
  • Cleaning up the assembly area and vestibule after mass
  • Bagging the collection and preparing it to be placed in the safe
  • Locking the:
    –  Office door
    –  Sacristy
    –  Entrance doors
  • Turning off all lights in the:
    –  Church
    –  Vestibule
    –  Parish hall
  • Checking the restrooms
  • Leaving all in good order.

Is there anything left to do?  Yes!  Pray with the assembly during the liturgy and offer all of the above to the Lord as one who does all this as His servant.  How blest it is to be a servant to fellow servants of God.

Contact the Parish Office for more information on how to volunteer for this ministry (376-9435).