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Christmas Letter from the Pastor

Dear friends in Christ,

As we gather to rejoice in the birth of the Son of God, I would like to extend a special welcome to all of our guests and visitors. If you have been away from the Church and desire to renew your practice of the Faith, please know that you are always welcome here at Holy Spirit Parish. On the back side of this letter is a schedule of major Parish Events for 2020.

This Christmas will be our last Christmas in this “temporary” church building, because the substantial completion date for our new church building is set for the end of April 2020. Archbishop Coakley will dedicate our new church building on Wednesday, May 20th. Once we move into our new church, we will use the present church space as a parish hall. Our new church will comfortably seat 700 people, and it is constructed to be expanded in the future for additional seating.

Our parish is one of five parishes in the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City which has been invited by Matthew Kelly’s Dynamic Catholic organization to participate in the Dynamic Parish Initiative. During the past 26 years, Mr. Kelly has spoken at over 3000 parishes about the genius of the Catholicism. He founded “Dynamic Catholic” about 10 years ago. Our parish has received books from Dynamic Catholic written by Matthew Kelly over the past several Christmases to give away. Recently Mr. Kelly started the Dynamic Parish initiative, working with select parishes to help increase parishioners’ involvement in a life of prayer, study, stewardship and evangelization. Last year 21 parishes around the U.S.A. partnered with Dynamic Catholic in this initiative, and this year an additional 40 parishes, including our parish, are doing so. Dynamic Parish is a 5-year initiative where Dynamic Catholic tests and researches its model of parish renewal, which combines: (a) the introduction of great Catholic resources, programs and events that trigger great moments which propel a Catholic to live their faith more deeply; and (b) the implementation of best practices to drive parish engagement through excellent communications, giving programs, invitations, hospitality, music and homilies. Through the generosity of many benefactors, Dynamic Catholic will be providing all of these resources, programs, events and consulting to our parish for free. (The value of this 5-year investment by Dynamic Catholic is between $500,000 – $1,000,000.) Deacon Paul Lewis is forming an implementation team which will work with Daniela Locreille, the consultant provided to our parish by Dynamic Catholic, as we move forward with this initiative.

The “soft opening” of this 5-year initiative begins with the Christmas book program giveaway, “Rediscover the Saints”. These books are available in Spanish and English, and there are study guides available in both languages which can be used by small groups of parishioners during the Lenten Season. (One of the advantages of working with Dynamic Catholic for our parish is that all the materials we will be provided are available in both English and Spanish.) The “Launch Weekend” will take place at all the weekend Masses on January 11-12 with the showing of a video by Matthew Kelly and distribution of material. The “Bigger Future” Survey will be conducted at all the Masses on the weekend of February 1-2. The “Dream Event” will take place on the evening of March 14th.

Those who sign up for “Flocknotes” will receive text and/or e-mail reminders on a somewhat weekly basis about important happenings at our parish. Register for Flocknotes at: OR text “hsccmustang” to “84576.”

May God grant you much joy during this Christmas Season! Fr. Joseph A. Jacobi, Pastor