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Corrected “Letter from Pastor” for Feb. 23rd

Dear Friends in Christ,

Lent begins this week with Ash Wednesday. Please note that there are 5 options for the reception of ashes, with 3 Masses on Wednesday and two other shorter services of the Liturgy of the Word (30 minutes) at 6:30 a.m. and 12:15 p.m. The collection for Ash Wednesday will be given to our local St. Vincent de Paul Conference to help those in greatest need in the surrounding area. Also, Stations of the Cross with a Lenten Meal begins this Friday. Please find the schedules for these events listed elsewhere in this bulletin.

For your Lenten prayer and reflection each adult in our parish can pick up after Mass the “Best Lent Ever Journal.” These are provided as a gift as part of our partnership with Dynamic Catholic. Some of the reflections in this daily Lenten journal have to do with Matthew Kelly’s book, “Rediscover the Saints,” which was handed out at Christmastime. If you did not receive one of these books, these will also be available.

If you pay attention to the weekly financial section in our bulletin, you noticed in last week’s bulletin under “Raising Up for God’s Glory Capital Campaign” the first mention of a “Mortgage Balance.” We are now receiving money from the Parish Deposit and Loan Fund of the Archdiocese to fund the building of our church. We do not have to pay anything toward this loan until our new church building is finished. Our parish informed the Archdiocese before beginning our new church building that we would need at least a $2 million, 20-year loan to build this building. (With unexpected expenses that have occurred since the beginning of this project, this will most likely be closer to a $2.4 million 20-year loan. However, we still have “contingency funds” remaining for our project, which if not used, will mean this 20-year loan will be less than $2.4 million.) The total loan which we will be paying off will initially be larger than $2.4 million, because we have not yet finished raising all the funds from the beginning of our Capital Campaign in the Fall of 2017 to the end of this 5-year campaign in the Fall of 2022. Included in this overall campaign are 5-year commitments from a number of our parishioners, plus calculations on how much would be raised from our weekly “Children’s Collection for the New Church” through 2022, as well as funds raised from our annual Oktoberfest through 2022. In addition, another $363,000 will be coming back to our parish from the Archdiocese over the next 7 years from the pledges made by parishioners to the archdiocesan “One Church, Many Disciples Campaign.”

If you have not made a commitment to our New Church Capital Campaign, “Raising up for God’s Glory a Holy Place,” there are commitment cards on the credenza in the gathering area. For those parishioners who already have made this commitment, if you are able to pay off your 5-year pledge early, that will reduce the interest costs on our loan. The same holds true for paying one’s One Church, Many Disciples pledge off early. With the past growth in our parish, and with that growth expected to continue even more once the new church is open, we will be able to handle a loan payment, but it will be less of a burden as more people step forward to make regular donations to our new church fund.

In the peace of Christ,

Rev. Joseph A. Jacobi