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Donut Ministry

Donut Ministry
The purpose and function of this committee is to provide donuts every Sunday of the year from one hour before the Mass until fifteen minutes before Mass time so members of the community may gather in fellowship to share their lives, concerns, and faith.

This ministry carries out the following functions:

The coordinator or the designated person or persons:

  • Picks up the donuts on Saturday morning
  • Brings them to the Parish Hall in containers
  • Places the containers in the refrigerators.

The committee is comprised of:

  • A coordinator
  • Teams of people who have offered their time and talent.

The  designated person arrives an hour and thirty minutes before mass in order to:
–  Make coffee
–  Mix orange juice
–  Put out the donuts, napkins, plates, cups, condiments, and the free-will contribution can.

It is the hope that free-will contributions will cover the cost of providing this service.  If there is a profit, the money is placed in the Youth Ministry Fund.

If you desire to become a member of a team, please contact the Parish Office (376-9435).