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Grounds Committee

Grounds Committee
This committee is responsible for all outside surfaces of the 14.3 acres owned by the church.  This excludes the buildings and Playground equipment.  Your time and talents could help in many ways to accomplish the goals of this ministry.

In conjunction with the master plan, the Grounds Committee develops a master plan for landscaping and schedule maintenance activities.   The primary responsibilities of this committee include:

  •  Scheduling maintenance activities such as mowing, snow removal and plantings
  • Maintaining grounds equipment (mowers, tools, etc.)
  • Maintaining the sprinkler system
  • Overseeing commercial maintenance activities (ground contractor)
  • Planning and overseeing Parish Maintenance Days
  • Planning and overseeing the parking lot and lighting maintenance activities
  • Training volunteers in the safe operation of parish grounds tools
  • Developing a budget for plantings and equipment and submit same to the Financial Council for approval and funding. [Must be submitted when the Finance Council is developing the Annual Parish Budget.]
  • Assisting with special projects that require biding and sub contractors (i.e. mowing service, parking lot repair, light repairs, etc.) and submit to the Pastor, and when necessary, to the Finance Council as well.

The committee meets at least once a month, or as needed, and works with other ministries as needed to meet parish goals.  For more information about helping this this ministry, please contact the Parish Office (376-9435).