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Parish History

On June 15, 1983, Father Larry B. Gatlin was assigned by Archbishop Charles A. Salatka to become the first pastor of what was to become the future Roman Catholic Church of the Holy Spirit in Mustang, Oklahoma.

Bill Merritt of Merritt Funeral Home graciously offered the Chapel of Bill Merritt Funeral Home as a temporary place of worship as the new membership began its existence.  The first masses were offered in the Chapel on July 2 and 3, 1983.  Catholics living in Mustang and nearby were now able to unite and begin to form their own Parish Community.

Most Protestant denominations begin construction of a new facility early on in their formational period.  Mr. Merritt thought that we Catholics would probably do the same.  We were still in the Chapel in 1985.

In March 1985, the members of Holy Spirit moved into a store front in the Town and Country Shopping Center as another temporary site.

The dream became a reality on November 24, 1985.  The temporary Church and Parish Center at 1100 N. Sara Road were built providing the parishioners a place to worship, to continue to grow as a Catholic Faith Community, and ultimately build the permanent Church.

Ground was broken in the Spring of 1988 for the Rectory,  the second phase of the overall parish plan.  The Rectory, located to the northeast of the Parish Center, was completed in September 1988.

Reverend Gerald K. Mayfield was assigned as the second pastor in the summer of 1995.  Father Mayfield came to Holy Spirit after a long and excellent tenure at Christ the King in Oklahoma City.  He enjoyed the parish and the pace of a smaller place.  The building of the future permanent church was in his dreams.  God, however, had other plans for him.  Father Mayfield died in the rectory on January 10, 1996, of an asthmatic attack and resultant heart failure.

Father Lee Kaylor was assigned as temporary administrator of the parish until the assignment of the third pastor, Reverend James A. Greiner, effective July 2, 1996.  An additional parcel of land, roughly four and a half acres, was purchased in November 2001, to provide sufficient space for the eventual expansion and completion of the parish complex.

On January 15, 2014 Fr. Greiner retired after more than seventeen years service to Holy Spirit.  Reverend Joseph Jacobi became the fourth pastor of Holy Spirit on that date.

The parish will continue to grow and in the very near future all will enjoy the fruits of the next phase to build the new permanent Church and educational facility.  We thank God for what we have and for all who have been a part of our parish from its inception.  In the meantime, we will continue to build “church” as we move toward the day when we will build a “house for the Church.”